Camp Kilworth - Here today - Gone tomorrow?

You remember going to camp. You may even remember going to Camp Kilworth. Either way, you remember the friends you made, the skills you learned and the crazy songs you sang. Later on you realized the impact that the experience had on you was so much more. Camp is where you developed confidence, learned how to work together and maybe even experienced your first taste of leadership. The challenges you faced at camp may have been your first glimpse into adulthood.

For over 80 years, the picturesque forested property of Camp Kilworth, overlooking Puget Sound in Federal Way, WA has been a place for scouts in the surrounding region to enjoy day camps and events, weekend outings, outdoor training, education and advancement ceremonies. It's a place for youth to learn, grow, and be forever changed.

Today, the local Boy Scout council has relinquished control, and Camp Kilworth has been returned to the Kilworth family foundations. The future of the property is uncertain, although community interest remains high for preserving and maintaining its function as a camp for all youth to enjoy. The formation of a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (working name "Camp Kilworth Scouting and Alumni Association") is in progress, preparing to assume the challenge, responsibility - and the need - to provide an important step in healthy child development for the youth of today. And tomorrow.

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